Marcus WeiseMarcus Weise is Your Casting Solution

Marcus spent the last 35 years working behind the camera in TV production and has extensive knowledge in the operation of TV studios, sound stages, and theatres. He is an Emmy Award-winning editor, designed and built the studios for The TV Guide Channel, and was an associate director for over a thousand television shows. He has also authored several top selling books on television engineering. To sum it up: Marcus’ years behind the scenes gives him broad insight into the workflow and what to do on set.

Brooklyn born and raised, he “had enough sense” to get out of there at an early age and his adventures took him all over the country.

He spent 20+ years working as a professional musician and plays “anything with frets.” His expertise playing the guitar, banjo, uke, dulcimer and autoharp gave him the opportunity to travel as a touring musician and he spent years on the road in a six-piece country band rocking the pedal steel guitar. He is also an excellent singer with a strong baritone voice.

Marcus is an expert marksman with firearms: a skill that came in handy in his 20 Years on the Peppertree Horse Ranch in Ventura County, of which he was the proud owner. He raised and rode six horses on this multi-acre ranch, boasting an Olympic-sized horse arena. Ever a passionate learner and travel enthusiast, he has a pilot’s license, a Class B commercial driver’s license and is a PADI certified open water diver. He is as comfortable captaining planes and big rigs as he is in the saddle.

Marcus is also a family man and has been for over 30 years, the proud father of three sons and two daughters.